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Director of Information Technology

Seyed Hossein Nabavi

Information Technology Manager:

Seyed Hossein Nabavi

Education: Master of Information Technology Engineering

Office Phone Number: +98-21-67238238


Last Update : Sep 18, 2023 11:39

Director of Information Technology

Duties and Powers of Information Technology Manager:

1. Preparing and keeping up-to-date the birth certificate of computer equipment, network and existing software.

2. Conducting strategic reviews in the field of comprehensive informatics plans and presenting the results at the highest level.

3. Checking and ensuring network security, data information, software and hardware.

4. Checking and identifying the security factors in the network platform.

5. Studying and researching in the field of scientific developments and continuously visiting the information technology management website and ICT news sites to keep technical information up to date;

6. Keeping website content up-to-date, directly monitoring the website and transferring problems to superiors and following them up.

7. Technical control of purchased equipment and adhesive bonding;

8. Proper maintenance of all network equipment;

9. Preparation of comprehensive network documentation based on technology management;

10. Creation of the institute's database and cooperation in the use of computer services.

11. Maintenance, maintenance, support and troubleshooting from the beginning to the end of the existing network and solving the problems of existing computer systems networks.

12. Carrying out implementation and cabling operations and being aware of any construction and search operations for the maintenance of network equipment;

13. Technical familiarity with related software and hardware.

14. Management and support of internal networks and used systems;

15. Installing accessories and accessories to increase hardware equipment and start them up.

16. Selection and design of hardware configuration;

17. Installing and updating antivirus on hardware systems;

18. Preparation and formulation of appropriate solutions to prevent the penetration and spread of computer viruses;

19. Monitor and follow up the process of preparing backup files of software periodically;

20. Performing database support operations;

21. Implementing and maintaining software packages and following up and providing appropriate solutions to solve software problems and improve the system;

22. Optimizing and upgrading computers as needed;

23. Communication with the global Internet network, maintaining and supporting Internet servers and providing consulting services for the purchase of computers needed by the institute and members;

24. Cooperation in developing educational programs and providing necessary training to faculty and non-faculty members in the field of information technology.

25. Preparation of time plans for the implementation of system planning projects;

26. Studying and evaluating existing activities, systems and methods and proposing corrective plans.

27. Setting periodic reports of network status and user operations.

28. Cooperation with designers, analysts and network networks.

29. Conducting strategic reviews in the field of comprehensive informatics plans and presenting the results at the highest level.

30. Making a backup copy of the entered data and information at the required times;

31. Report the amount of activities carried out, technical problems along with suggestions to the superior;

32. Taking care of the correct functioning of the electronics in the environment of the installation of computers from the family, heat, heat, etc., based on the established criteria;

33. Guiding and supervising the implementation of programs and operations of working computers;

34. Carrying out other assigned tasks.

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