The Statute of Iranian Institute of Philosophy

تصویر صفحه اساسنامه انگلیسی - 001

  A summery of the Statute of Iranian Institute of Philosophy is as follows: 

  • Aims of the Institute:
  1. To help the development and promotion of research in the field of Islamic philosophy, Western philosophy, Theology, Religion & Mysticism
  2. To contrive appropriately for promotion of the above said researching activities in the country
  3. To examine & to define the new branches of philosophy and to introduce it in the country
  4. To set out traditional problems of philosophy and its affiliated fields to the new and contemporary methods
  5. To try to restore Iran’s exclusive stance in the Islamic & world philosophy
  6. Try to disseminate the culture of thinking, philosophical and logical thought in the society and to promote the level of Islamic science and thought
  • Responsibilities of the Institute:
  1. To deal with interdisciplinary sciences between philosophy and the other disciplines
  2. To provide critical editions, translations and writings in philosophical, theological, mystic texts and the other sciences pertinent to the Institute either in Persian or foreign languages
  3. International cooperation with philosophical centers and specialized institutes in the world and to hold joint and academic gatherings and discussion sessions, domestic and international lectures about subjects in relation to philosophy and Islamic wisdom in the framework of terms and conditions
  4. Publishing and dissemination of periodicals and books, and exclusive publications in the field
  5. To create connection with domestic and foreign research centers working in the field in the framework of rule, terms and conditions of the country
  6. Adsorption of the elite and domestic and foreign notable and outstanding researchers in the above said fields
  7. To conduct the educational activities in the limits of aims and responsibilities of the Institute regarding the relevant rules, terms and conditions via acquiring the permits from competent references
  • The Institute charter: 
  1. Board of Trustees
  2. Headship
  3. Researching council 

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