رسانه جدید

The Iranian Institute of Philosophy was founded in 1974 through the efforts of Professor Seyyed Hoessein Nasr(b.1933). The main objectives of the Institute still ongoing were:

  • To present and promote the Iranian intellectual and philosophical heritage of the Islamic and pre-Islamic ears at national and international levels
  • To improve the presentation of Eastern and Western intellectual traditions to Iranian and abroad
  • To make the necessary preparations for comparative studies of different philosophical traditions

Several renowned thinkers such as the late Jalal-ed-Din Homaei(1900-1980), Mahmoud Shahabi(1901-1986), Abbas Zaryab(1919-1995), and Yahya Mahdavi(1908-2000) were among the members of Board of Trustees of the Institute. 

In order to further its aims, the Institute invited renowned Iranian and international majors such as Professor. Sayyed Jalal-ed-Din Ashtiani(1925-2005), Professor. Abbas Zaryab and Professor Javad Mosleh(1919-1998). Moreover, other distinguished thinkers such as Professor Henry Corbin(1903-1978), Professor Toshihiko Izutsu(1914-1993), Professor Kuruda(1933-2018) and Professor Matsumoto accepted the invitation to work with the Institute.
Scholars who were trained in the open classes held by the above said teachers have become highly respected scholars in their own area, including Professor William Chittich(b.1943), Professor Gholamreza Awani(b.1943), Professor Nasrollah Pourjavadi(b.1943), and Professor James Morris(b.1941).
After the Islamic revolution, the Institute of Philosophy was among those institutions which were able to continue its activities because of its rich background. In 1981, the Institute was emerged with eleven other research centers, constituting the Institute of cultural Studies and Research. These centers were included the Foundations of Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh, the Iran Culture Foundation, the Iran art and Culture Foundation, the Iran Communication, Science, and Development Research Institute, the Research Institute of Humanities, the Iran Academy of Art and Literature, the Iran Academy of Literature, the Iran Academy of Science, the Center of Asian Cultural Documents, the Iranian Center of Historical Research and the Iranian Center for Study of Cultures.
After the merger, the newly reorganized Institute continued its entity in the same building within the framework of two research centers, “Philosophy and Religion” and “History and Philosophy of Science”. During this period, research activities of the Institute were lessened and emphasis was placed on educational activities too. In 1997, in order to strengthen the Institute’s research achievements, the Institute became independent from the Institute of Cultural Research and Studies and continued its activities under the new title, “The Iranian Society of Philosophy”. Since 2001, the Institute has continued its activities within the framework of a totally independent Institute, with the title of “The Iranian Research Institute of Philosophy”. The Institute received the authorization of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology for establishing six new research departments: Western Philosophy, Islamic Philosophy, Science Studies, Religious Studies, Logic and Kalam.
Today, the Institute’s perspective is to progress the main aims through more international connections in education and research fields. For that, we have launched our new policies in both fields of education and research for international professors and students; for more information, until the further notice, kindly contact the office of international cooperation:

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